Retiree Benefits

Retiree Health Insurance - Medex II with Prescription Drug Plan (PDP)

The Town of Rockland offers benefits to retirees collecting Plymouth County Retirement Association's pension. The Health insurance plan offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield for retirees is Medex 2 with Prescription Drug Plan (PDP). The Town pays 75% of the health insurance premium and the retiree pays 25% of the premium. 

All retirees under the age of 65 can review offered plans and premiums under the Employee Benefits page.

Please select from the links below for the Medex 2 PDP Summary of Benefits, relatable information and forms:

Health Insurance Documents


The Town of Rockland offers Altus Dental Insurance to benefit eligible employees. The Town pays 50% of the premium and the employee pays remaining 50%. Premiums are due one month in advance. All product information, locating a dentist and forms can be found at Atlus Dental or by viewing the following documents:

Dental Documents

Life Insurance

Town of Rockland offers Life Insurance through Symetra Life Insurance. The Basic Life insurance policy is $2,000 and cost $1 per month. All coverage must be owned prior to retirement.

Information on the Supplemental Life Insurance can be found on the Employee Benefits page. All Symetra Group Supplemental Life Insurance plans reduce to $5,000 at the age of 70 and cancel at the age of 75. Retiree can convert Group insurance directly with Symetra at age 75. Please call Symetra directly to request forms.