Enhanced 911

Enhanced 911

Rockland went online with Enhanced 911 service on November 23, 1996. Rockland has four 911 lines and all of them are recorded. The old Police emergency line 781-878-1212 and the old Fire emergency line 781-878-2121 will stay online and also be recorded. For all other business, please call 781-871-3890.

What does this do for Residents of Rockland?

When a resident in an emergency situation should call 911, the call will automatically go to the Rockland Public Safety Dispatch Center where it will be answered: “911. This line is recorded, what is your emergency?”  The caller’s address and information will show up on the dispatcher’s screen and, depending on the emergency (police, fire, or medical), the correct service will be sent to the caller’s address. Even if someone is unable to speak, the address will show up on the screen, and services will be dispatched to the site of the call.

When Should Someone Call 911?
  • To Save a Life
  • To Stop a Crime
  • To Report a fire

Anytime you think something is wrong, and your suspicions are aroused, then you should dial 911. If you see smoke coming and it doesn’t look right, if someone is having chest pains and needs medical attention, or if you see a stranger entering a neighbors house, then you should make a 911 call.

Do Not Call 9-1-1 When:
  • It’s snowing and you want to see if school is canceled
  • For general information
  • For directions
  • To see what all the fire horns are for
  • You have a business question
  • For a burning permit
  • Anything that is not an emergency

For all other business, please call